• Added Arcanist
  • Added Combat Stats to the planner
  • Site data updated to the latest version of the game
  • Added cardsets to the planner
  • Some design changes
  • Changed page design.
  • Added card tooltip :card[cardname] will display a small icon and the card name.
  • Added cardset tooltip :cardset[cardsetname] will display an entire set.
  • Added identityskills tooltip :idskill[skillname] , this is not completely done yet, some skills data are missing, you can still use it and stuff will be correct once more data are added.
  • Added Engravings to the planner
  • Replaced the old build rating system with a voting system
  • Some minor design changes
  • Destroyer is now added, you can now create planner builds / builds for destroyer.
  • Added Rune tooltip, press on the Rune button in the toolbar or use the command :rune[runename, grade] etc :rune[Focus,4] will display the legendary Focus rune.
  • Minor design changes
  • Added skill level to the planner
  • Max skill level is now 12
  • Hovering over a skill will now show the tripods selected aswell, this does only apply to newly created builds/planner builds, if you want to enable this on your existing build(s) all you have to do is to deselect the tripods and select them again
  • You can now select a rune from the skillcard directly, you need to select the skill you want to select a rune for first before being able to select a rune, you can deselect a rune by right clicking on the rune (desktop) or by taping the rune and holding for 1 sec (phone/tablet)
  • Minor ui changes
  • A lot of performance tuning has been done in the background, the site should load faster now, you should see faster page loads for builds and the planner
  • allocated skill points for builds are now added to the buildcard
  • About the author card will only show if atleast one of your socials are set (set your socials in my profile)
  • Added Engraving tooltip, command :engraving[Engraving Name] etc :engraving[Disrespect] or press on the Engraving Tooltip button in the toolbar.
  • A brand new index page, builds are now moved to
  • About the author section on the bottom of each build, authors can now set their profile picture, discord (invite link), youtube (channel) and twitch in their profile settings and have them shown on every build they write.
  • This changelog is now added, you can press on the changelog text in the footer to go to the changelog
  • Some minor css changes, button color change
  • Skill names / tripod names should be correct now, no more special chars
  • Builds can now have embedded YT videos, you can add a video by pressing on the youtube icon button in the toolbar and providing the videoId , add only relevant videos.
  • Added Skill tooltips for builds, you can add skill tooltips by pressing on the Skill Tooltip button in the toolbar and fill in the skill name, the skill name has to be an exact match in order for the tooltip to be rendered correcly, for example :skill[Guardian's Thunderbolt] renders correctly but :skill[Guardians Thunderbolt] does NOT since its missing an apostrophe. Always make sure to preview your guide before posting.