Summoner build by Amberdextrous1
Designed for PvE Dungeon Raid
Updated November 2, 2021
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Thank you to Mada….

Place Shredi, Palaru, Marian next to one another. Combo, Shredi , Palaru, Marian ( Bleed rune for Shredi if you have it )

Place Sticky Swamp and Ancient Spears next to one another Combo Sticky swamp, Ancient Spears, ALT Kelsion, or if Identity is up Use firebird ( Phoenix )

Place Water Spirit, Carnivorous Lily, and Spirit Rush by one another Use in order, Water Spirit, Lily and Spirit Rush ( If Identity is available use Firebird)

Fore Marian you want to use Enhanced Attack, Charge Order, and Communion for his tripod

For your Alt use Kelsion the large blue Thor Paladin, you can cast lightning from him three times before he becomes unavailable.

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