Hawkeye PvE Build

Hawk Eye build by lublub
Designed for PvE Cube Dungeon Raid
Updated August 31, 2020
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first max out Rapid Shot for leveling faster, the short cooldown of the skill makes it very valuable. then Claymore Mine for mob clear and CC and high DMG. you can choose between this and charging shot but in the end you max them both. Sharp shooter is next for boss and mob clear. very high dmg to single target. Snipe is your highest dmg ability but you get it late in the game so you max it 4th. then Charging shot thanks to the high dmg. i max it 5th because of the high base dmg which still relevant even on lv 1 and because of the charge duration. and lastly the Mine which is good for dmg and also to stun enemies and they get too close to you.

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