Lostarkbuilds is a community maintained website where Lost Ark character builds are hosted. The idea behind this is to collect all the builds in one place. Benefits of Lostarkbuilds are:

  • Everyone is welcome to discuss/rate/create builds after registering.
  • There is both builds curated by admins with extensic Lost Ark experience and User Builds created by users like you

What Lostarkbuilds "is"

  • Communicating the best builds regardless of "fairness" or "honor" (As long as it doesn't use exploits, hacks, or third-party cheats)
  • Discussing the state of the meta and why some builds are doing better than other relatively equivalent powered builds
  • Compiling the best builds for a category / class using the best players possible

What Lostarkbuilds Builds "is not"

  • Political, Moral, or Philosophical: We are not attempting to shape the meta based on what "should be" but rather on what "is" or "could be"
  • Opinionated/Judgmental: It doesn't matter what profession, weapons, style is being used as long as it's effective.
  • The thoughts and actions of one person. There are at least 3 lead admins for our sections that have a strong community presence in their categories or are well versed with the category's community, their playstyle, and thought process.

Further Reading